Hello, Butter Beans (and adults!)

This is our class blog. We will be posting updates, activities and learning ideas as well as sharing our brilliant work and learning.

You can find all the information of where to look for activities on the resources page, or you can just look at each daily blog for the Learning Letter of the Day!

Look out for Sneaky Challenges… I’ve hidden a few in different bits of the website…

Latest from the Blog

Monday 20th July 2020

Butterbeans! My angel pies, my pudding dumplings, my brilliant bouncing beans! We DID IT! Year Five is officially COMPLETED! Ms Ward-Anderson OBVIOUSLY cannot wait to have you all back, but I spoke to her and she said I can come visit you sometimes. You all know that I will always be there for you forContinue reading “Monday 20th July 2020”

Monday 13th July 2020

Butterbeans! I wrote a lot in my journal yesterday. It’s really helpful to get your thoughts on paper; it gets them clear and makes it easier to choose a priority! Writing Last week you wrote yourselves letters in the past. As it is our last week in Year Five I thought it would be reallyContinue reading “Monday 13th July 2020”

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good morning, Butterbeans! I saw one of you at the supermarket yesterday! It was very cool! Writing Yesterday, you edited your letter to your past self. Today, we’re going to give ourselves some advice in the present. Firstly, think about what zone you are in. What are you looking forward to/nervous about Maths Butterbeans, youContinue reading “Wednesday 8th July 2020”

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  1. Yes, Desiree! 🙌 I’ll always remember your brilliant poem that celebrated your beautiful dark skin 🌤️✨🐝🌈

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