Hello, Butter Beans (and adults!)

This is our class blog. We will be posting updates, activities and learning ideas as well as sharing our brilliant work and learning.

You can find all the information of where to look for activities on the resources page, or you can just look at each daily blog for the Learning Letter of the Day!

Look out for Sneaky Challenges… I’ve hidden a few in different bits of the website…

Latest from the Blog

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning, Butter Bean Jelly Splodges! Yesterday was so warm, right?! Here’s the big news of the day. Choose a news story from your week and write a newspaper article about it! Remember your gratitude comments! They make me grateful just reading them 🙏🌈🐝✨🌤️ Cultures in Our Class Look at the recipes I got sentContinue reading “Friday 22nd May 2020”

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning, Butter Bean heads! Right, so, you brilliant bunch are getting… Which is why I am so grateful to be heading in to St Georges today! What are you grateful for? Comment below and I can try to reply! I challenge you to make your own bored in the house dance routines! This willContinue reading “Thursday 21st May 2020”

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning, Butter Beans! Look at the gallery for some updates of the week’s work! And don’t forget to make a gratitude comment if you can 🙂 Fitness Maths MyMaths! Email me if you’d like a phone call to help you with anything. Literacy Today let’s finish our Judge a Book story, What Do YouContinue reading “Wednesday 20th May 2020”

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  1. So important! Feeling the blessing of the humans in our lives who have our best interests at heart is vital…

  2. I am grateful for having a roof to live under and a family who cares about me

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